8 ways you can be a supporting hero!
Seriously good work going on with this railway. I'm pleased to be able to support it, albeit in a small way.
1 - Donate
Providing us with a direct cash donation is a simple way to help us raise funds. We can then use the money to support our charitable activities such as providing better learning activities, improving our facilities, or completing essential maintenance projects.

Please send us a cheque payable to the "Downs Light Railway Trust", with or without a Gift Aid declaration, or just click ...
2 - Promote
Promoting what we do is a great way to support us. You can do this by browsing our news stories or following us on social media. Simply like and share our content on your social media platforms or tell your friends and family about what we do.
3 - Shop Online
By shopping online through The Giving Machine or Give as You Live, unlock free donations from major brands. Simply setup an account, search for a store through their website or browser app, and purchase your goods as normal. Either The Giving Machine or Give as You Live will collect the donation off the retailer and forward on to us. It costs you NOTHING extra!
4 - Play the Giving Lottery
The Giving Lottery is an exciting weekly lottery that raises money for good causes in the UK. Tickets cost just £1 per week. Each ticket has a 1 in 50 chance to win, with a top prize of £25,000. 60% of ticket sales goes to good causes; 40% to us and 20% to a fund supporting other good causes in the UK.
5 - Volunteer
Get involved and join us. Volunteering is a refreshing way of getting hands on within the community. Are you interested in organising a coffee morning or something bigger like a village fate to help us raise donations? Does a member of your family participate in another cause that could we could mutually support?
Would you like to get involved more formally? Maybe you have a skill that could support our administration or finance teams. Perhaps you would like to teach young people on our Light Railway.
6 - Sponsor Us
Business or employees can support us by providing sponsorship or by donating goods and services at a reduced or zero rate. Suppliers of workshop tooling and machinery, safety equipment, consumables, building materials, or provision of engineering services can all make a massive difference.

If your business has something to offer us, please get in touch so that we can discuss ways we can mutually support each other.
7 - Leave a Legacy
Leaving a legacy in a Will is a very personal way of donating or gifting items to the Trust. Financial legacies are often a way that beneficiaries can acknowledge the positive impact our cause has had on them throughout their life and for future generations.

Locomotives or railway equipment in the 9.5 inch gauge often slip into hidden private collections or suffer rebuilds to other railway gauges after the owner has deceased. Some owners chose to leave their assets to preservation charities to ensure that their assets are protected and to gain happiness in providing a form of public benefit long after they have departed. If you would like to discuss leaving such a legacy, please do get in contact.
8 - Donate Your Tax Repayments
United Kingdom taxpayers can nominate the Trust to receive their tax repayments as a donation.

Taxpayers should use our unique reference GAR96QG on their Self Assessment to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs.

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