Our Youth Members and Parents Return

On Saturday, locomotive training on TIM was not very successful during our school sessions. Its engine was hot to touch, it had a new continuous cough, and it had a distinct change of smell!
Despite it raining on Sunday, our slightly older group of young members from our non-school youth group visited for the first time since lockdown and took the engine into intensive care. The battery was given a recharge. The engine was stripped to clean the cylinder head, carburettor, and valves.  
Despite working with limited equipment, outdoors in some damp and dull conditions, the locomotive returned to the shed fully working. The three children were joined and supported by their parents for the day.
TIM is now 34 years old and is kept going by continuous fettling. It is named after the late Timothy Cadbury. Tim was one of our founding trustees and a principle benefactor for almost a decade.

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