Centenary Development Programme

Modern education inspired by tradition.

Building Project Design and Planning Project

Establish infrastructure requirements, site surveys, and building designs to submit a planning request to Herefordshire Council. Formulate a robust project plan for executing the building and site construction.

Target Completion Date: February 2020
Funding (£4,500) - Actual spend £4,224100%
The replacement of the existing structures will allow the railway to continue its current usage as an education resource for the adjacent school in addition to other schools in the area. This would therefore maintain and improve a unique local heritage asset and education facility which has served the school and elements of the wider community for almost a century.


February 2020

Full Planning Awarded

Herefordshire Council award planning permission with no objections. The Delegated Decision Report can be read here.

February 2020

November 2020

Full Planning Submission

The Board of Trustees submitted an application to Herefordshire Council for planning permission. This followed approximately six months of gathering surveys, checking compliance with the local development policies, and obtaining agreement from our landowner to support a planning application on their behalf.

The full application can be viewed here.

January 2019

Pre-Application Advice

The Board of Trustees sought pre-application advice from the planning department of Herefordshire Council.

The report can be read here.

January 2019

November 2018

Preliminary Building Designs Approved

Working with a potential contractor, building designs were drawn up based on the facility requirements. The preliminary designs were reviewed and approved by the Board of Trustees.

November 2017

Facility Requirements Capture

In 2017, the Board of Trustees and volunteers formulated a set of facility requirements. These requirements detailed the space, environmental quality, and functionality to provide the Downs Light Railway with a modern teaching facility.

November 2017


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