Centenary Development Programme

Modern education inspired by tradition.


The individual projects within the Centenary Programme will position the Downs Light Railway Trust as a formidable and modern teaching facility to enable prominently young people to receive low cost practical education through the medium of light railway maintenance and operation. By doing so, young people from all walks of life can gain key skills and inspiration towards careers in science, technology, or engineering. Our railway links will help promote youth engagement in supporting heritage and leisure railways across the United Kingdom.


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May 2021 Update
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Increasing youth participation

Facilities tailored for education will enable us to increase the scope of activities that we can offer.

Increased building floor space will allow for concurrent indoor activities, enabling a wide range of maintenance and engineering project work to be carried out under the expertise of our charity staff and volunteers all year round.

Improved layout of the Downs Light Railway will allow for concurrent outdoor activities, both in terms of track work maintenance and railway operations.


Increased availability of out-of-school activities during the school holidays and half terms for young people in our local area.

New educational courses during the holiday periods for young people to gain key skills and knowledge. This will range from locomotive driving qualifications to boiler smithing. Residential facilities offered by The Downs Malvern will enable our youth engagement reach to extend nationwide.

New educational sessions during the academic term time to support local educational establishments with their science, technology, engineering, and mathematics provision. This is aimed at both the state and private education sectors.

Greater Community Involvement

Steam railways provide a fantastic focus point for the community. The Downs Light Railway Trust has a long-standing record for supporting various communities. This ranges from raising money for other good causes, simply offering wellness events, or promoting the national railway heritage (from model engineering hobbies to preservation of the full size heritage railway infrastructure).

The Centenary Development Programme aims to increase community involvement. The upgrade of the Downs Light Railway facilities and increased educational offering to young people will mean that the Downs Light Railway will be maintained to a higher standard. The governance changes to the Downs Light Railway Trust will increase the charity staff and adult volunteers. The improved layout and higher availability of the Downs Light Railway will increase events and support to local and national community groups.

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