Development project preparation begins

Centenary Development Programme

Preparation Phase Begins

The trees felled make way for the redevelopment of Hoyland Down over the next couple of years. In order to complete before the possible return of the children in the New Year, Branchworks kindly fitted us in before the end of the year to enable the trees to come down before the bird nesting season begins.
Two ash and one birch tree are removed to allow for the construction of two new buildings.
The logs will be used for fire wood and to generate a bio-diverse environment.
Clearing the red cedars will improve road safety at Hoyland Down, by providing better visibility, and make way for restoring the turntable.
The work has been carried out in compliance to BS 3998.

Part of our Centenary Development Programme is to complete a sustainable development and regenerate the area as a biodiverse environment. In compliance with our planning consent, we plan to re-establish the fruit orchard that surrounds the Downs Light Railway. By doing so, the loss from the trees felled will be compensated by the planting of new fruit trees.
  1. The Downs Light Railway Trust is a charitable trust, registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Registration number is 513882.
  2. The Downs Light Railway Trust's Centenary Development Programme aims to increase youth engagement in heritage railways, provide greater practical learning opportunities and strengthened community involvement. The programme hopes to realise these aims from 2025 when the Downs Light Railway is 100 years old.
  3. The website link for the Centenary Development Programme is
  4. The Downs Light Railway was started by The Downs School (Colwall), now The Downs Malvern, in the early 1920s and was formally established in 1925. At over 96 years old, it stands to be the oldest private miniature railway worldwide.

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