Colwall Orchard Group issues letter of support

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Colwall Orchard Trust
Robert Lindsay Williams, Chairman

A strategic partnership will allow Colwall Orchard Trust to get its message out to a new, younger audience; help with its ambitions to plant new trees and to restore and maintain a local traditional orchard; and provide new opportunities for its existing volunteers.
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We are delighted that the Colwall Orchard Trust have agreed to an informal partnership with the Downs Light Railway Trust, to further each others' aims and work with The Downs Malvern community. In December 2020, we approached the Colwall Orchard Trust with a proposal to help provide practical support with planting new fruit trees to satisfy our planning conditions of our Centenary Development Programme.
We hope that later in the year, we can organise practical orchard maintenance tasks such as pruning, harvesting, and holding of a fruit juicing days in the Autumn using the Downs Light Railway. All of these activities would be centred around The Downs Malvern and would involve pupils and staff from the school together with the wider community.

On the 16th of February 2021, we launched a crowdfunding project called "Establishing New Roots" to make this all possible.
Goods have traditionally been hauled around the Downs Light Railway by the children as part of the onging maintenance of the railway.

Editor Notes

  1. The Colwall Orchard Trust was established in 2011 and is known locally as the Colwall Orchard Group.
  2. The Colwall Orchard Group exists to restore, promote and celebrate traditional orchards.
  3. The Colwall Orchard Group supported The Downs Malvern in 2020 by supporting them to plant an initial six fruit trees with the involvement of their pupils.
  4. The fruit orchard around the Downs Light Railway is part of the estate of The Downs Malvern College Preparatory.
  5. The Downs Light Railway Trust is a charitable trust, registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales. Registration number is 513882.
  6. The Downs Light Railway Trust's Centenary Development Programme aims to increase youth engagement in heritage railways, provide greater practical learning opportunities and strengthened community involvement. The programme hopes to realise these aims from 2025 when the Downs Light Railway is 100 years old.
  7. The Downs Light Railway was started by The Downs School (Colwall), now The Downs Malvern, in the early 1920s and was formally established in 1925. At over 96 years old, it stands to be the oldest private miniature railway worldwide.
  8. The Downs Light Railway educates on average 15 children on each session. These children are aged between 7 and 18 years old. Dedicated sessions are provided to local educational establishments. General youth activities are open to all children.

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